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 Donate now! Help us build The Connie Tucker Legacy Center in The Gambia, West Africa. Our goal is to raise $50,000 USD in order to ship her collection of archives to Africa where it will join her in rest for the establishment of the Connie Tucker Legacy Center in the Gambia. This C.T.L.C. will house a Pan African Museum, Library and Skills Center focusing on film, graphic designs, adult literacy, sewing, music production, performing arts, youth leadership development and agriculture.

CT and Mama Amelia Boynton at the 50th A



On what would be her 70th birthday, we at the Connie Tucker Legacy Foundation invite you to participate in a virtual commemorative event in honor of our mother, Connie Tucker on October 14th, 15th, and 18th entitled, “Celebrating The Life and Legacy of Connie Tucker! Theme: Black Power, Pan Africanism, Voting Rights, Environmental Justice, and Youth Activism in the 21st Century.”

Matriach of the Voting Rights Movement A
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CT, Mukasa Ricks aka Willie Ricks, Faya
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CT and sisters Gwen, Mildred and neice T
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CT and Mama Amelia Boynton at the 50th A
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CT (Dancing) at Nzinga and Ndugu Ceremon
CT (Dancing) at Nzinga and Ndugu Ceremon
CT inducted in the Ancient African and E
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The Connie Tucker Legacy Foundation honors the life and work of Connie Tucker, Connie an activist and icon of both the Civil Rights Movement as well as the Environmental Justice Movement.  Connie’s last works before she died includes the 50th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery March and exposing white supremacy supporters of Nathan B. Forrest and asking for the removal of racist statues in Selma. A panAfricanist at heart, Connie Tucker is buried in the village of Juffureh in The Gambia, West Africa.  Juffureh is the home of Kunta Kinteh, where he was stolen and taken on slave ships to America, thus told to us in the story Roots written by Alex Haley. Connie dearly loved her family, sisters, and daughters Olimatta Taal and Maiyai Taal Hocheimy.  She cherished young people including her grandbabies, many nieces, nephews and children of the community, which she treated as her own. We will miss her strength, love, activism, and courage.

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